Spa Candle

Spa Candle


Made with 100% pure essential oils, each scent is blended by hand in consultation with an Oregon-based aromatherapist to inspire states of calm, bliss or harmony. The container is made of recyclable glass and white metal lid, and measures 2.75" W x 3.7" H. Will burn about 45 hours. The gold foil on fine paper creates a beautiful and elegant look to create an uplifting mood. 

Each spa candle is handpoured and arrives with a story card about the woman artisan who made it.

Calm: a soothing blend of French lavender and petitgrain essential oils to create serenity

Bliss: a bright combination of bergamot and lemongrass essential oils for an uplifting mood

Harmony: a relaxing blend of orange, rose, clementine and lavender essential oils with properties that elicit peaceful feelings