Recycled Toiletry Bag

Recycled Toiletry Bag


Recycled toiletry bag hand-stitched by paraplegics who have suffered spinal injury and are being rehabilitated in Banepa, Nepal. Recyled rubber truck tubes are collected from area garbage and keeps them from being burned or dumped.

Recycled rubber tire gear/toiletry bag.

Trash to gold! Use this bag for gear, toiletries or as a small purse! This bag is completely lined with cotton and has handy inner pockets. Short carrying strap makes it usable as a small purse! Made of recycled rubber tires this will last for years and take the wear and tear! Zips closed. Sadle, Tek Bahadur

*NOTE: Because these products are made from real used tires that have been recycled, they are each unique and may have imperfections.

Meet the artisan here: