Elefante Coffee

Elefante Coffee


Creamy, complex, and distinguished
100% World’s Rare Arabica Maragogype, Specialty-Grade, Screen 19+ (Elefante Beans)

Single-Origin Reserve from Dipilto
Cup of Excellence WINNER 2017

Every Twin Engine Coffee product is crafted 100% at the source & creates 4X more resources for families in Nicaragua than Fair Trade standards. 

Creamy, complex, and distinguished About the time Twin Engine Coffee was getting started in Nicaragua, Andrea drove toward Dipilto to learn more about the special Nueva Segovia region that reach the Honduran border. Among the nuances of the region, she met Roberto and the Maragoygpe coffee plant. It turns out that Roberto’s small third generation farm is one of the few farms in the world where you can still find this big, beautiful, lanky plant growing. The thing is that Arabica Maragogype is rare in the world. Even rarer is finding it on a Cup of Excellence farm, less than a 1% chance. Needless to say, each year we look forward to the harvest of this tiny lot. It starts with the coffee plant, Margogype. It is big, beautiful, unruly, and yields few fruits. The Maragogype’s beans are about 2x larger than typical Arabica beans – which is why they’re called Elephant [Elefante] Beans. Each year there is a limited Elefante lot, quadruple selected and roasted to medium.