Beaded Flying Pig

Beaded Flying Pig


When pigs fly, or when these pigs fly you will definitely smile. Bead and wire ornament. Various colors

Measures approximately 3x3x3

The Zimbabwean Refugee Project
Over the past two years you probably read posts I’ve made about the guys in this cooperative. Fleeing a tenuous political situation and searching for a way to support their families, Patmore, Tonderayi and the rest of the guys made beaded and tin art to sale to tourist in Cape Town, South Africa. Formerly a part of a fair trade cooperative, these men chose to try to rebuild when many went back to Zimbabwe after the coup d'etat of Robert Mugabe and hoping Emmerson Mnangagwa, the new president, would lead the country in a more stabile direction. Sadly, that has not come to fruition, but with the pandemic the flow of tourists to South Africa has impacted the ability of this group to earn a living.

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