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Meet the Artisans: Pablo Hurtado

Today, in the tiny Andean village of, in Peru, almost everyone is a gourd artist, and fine gourd carving has been practiced for generations. Pablo Hurtado, one of our gourd artists, learned the art of gourd carving at a young age from his parents.  What used to be one man’s job, today involves the entire family. 

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Meet the Artisans: Kamlesh

Learn how Kamlesh struggled to support her family and the way being a fair trade artisan has given her a new hope and livelihood. Also, check out all the wonderful kantha products we sell at Sojourns.

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Meet The Artisans: Ayat Jackie

Meet one of the Ugandan artisans, Ayat Jackie, who makes and designs jewelry imported by ProjectHaveHope and sold here at Sojourns. Dig deeper and find out more about the people behind the products we sell.

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