Upcycled rubber tires: Sundar Lama

This recycled rubber tire bag is hand stitched by paraplegics who have suffered spinal injury and are being rehabilitated at the SIRC hospital in Banepa, Nepal. In 2014 Sadie Traders was asked by the project manager of SIRC to train 5 of their patients to sew these bags so that they could create a livelihood for themselves and their families. This money helps them to be self-sufficient and gain skills for their future.

Located in Bhaktapur, Sadle creates environmentally sustainable products from materials such as hemp, no kill leather and recycled rubber inner tubes.  It was founded in 1984 and currently works with 30 jewelers and tailors.  Sadle is the oldest and largest exporter in Nepal and works to source all of it’s raw materials from Nepal, which in turn, supports the local economy.  This producer group is very committed to breaking down caste barriers and religious differences between employees, so that everyone is treated equally, the working environment is harmonious, and every individual is well paid.

Recycled rubber truck tribes are collected from area garages keeping them from being burned or dumped and helping to keep the local environment clean. The easy brass buckle is hand made by Sundar Lama, a spinal injury victim trained by the Sadie Tracers sister company Asal-Generation Udyog. Because these products are made from real used tires that have been recycled, they are each unique and may have imperfections. 

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