Mexican Glassware: Meet Javier

Javier Gutierrez  Esponsa's longtime career in glassblowing was by chance. Despite growing up in Guadalajara - just nine miles from Tonala - the first time he visited the town was when he was 22 year old. He stumbled upon a closed glass factory whose owners were ready to scrap it. Young, enthusiastic, visionary Javier convinced them to reopen it, and then started learning and experimenting with glass techniques. After years of hard work, he was able to pay for the land and factory.

Javier now works with the talented artisans on his team, including his sons, to produce new and beautiful pieces while incorporating new skills and creative ideas. Javier has always loved the thrill of a mistake that ends up producing new colors, techniques, and other surprising results.

Bright, colorful glassware can make any party or meal feel fresh and lively. What’s wonderful about handblown items, too, is that each piece is unique.

All of our Mexican Glassware items are made from recycled glass (including old coke bottles), making them not just culturally significant, but good for the environment, too. Javier has perfected the art of glassblowing for more than 20 years in Tonala, Mexico, and employs a team of artisans who learn from one another and share techniques.

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